The Art Of Making Old Homes New Houses

Charlie and Carolyn P

“We chose InSite Builders because of the high level of comfort that we had with Stephen. Though he was not the least expensive general contractor we interviewed, we had absolute trust in him, his employees and subcontractors-so much so that we handed over our keys to InSite Builders while we headed off to Maine.Project Coordinator Bryan was attentive and on-site, and he kept the lines of communication open. Any little issues that arose during the project were addressed immediately, and we couldn’t be happier with the final product.”

Lee and Cathy B

“We would like to thank Steve Gordon and his staff for a job well done [at our home]. Our goal for this renovation project was to make our condo fit our lifestyle which is casual and comfortable and these requirements were met in every way. 

We were very impressed by Mr. Gordon and his contractors. They were organized, precise and met our needs. We were not residing at the residence while the work was being done; however, the process ran smoothly and we were kept abreast of the work in progress and completed via the Builder Trend software. We found the monthly conference calls answered all our questions. This project exceeded our expectations. All of the ideas we had were incorporated into the project in a very satisfactory manner. InSite Builders has turned our home into an extremely comfortable and cozy place which was our desire. 

Cathy & I would highly recommend InSite Builders to future clients. You were recommended to us by a unit owner nearby who had employed you for her renovations. We saw the quality of your work, were very impressed and our decision was made to employ you for our renovations.

Maika and Loic C

“I am using this opportunity to thank Bryan and Steve very much for conducting the overall work with great diligence and extra care, and to have successfully completed the whole process while meeting an important deadline for our family. The extended family lifestyle (Sherlock, the dog, agrees) has greatly improved thanks to the renovated living room.”

Janice and Michael M

“Many, many thanks to our new friends at InSite Builders for our beautiful new home: for the inspired design, for the high-quality workmanship, for the thoughtful attention to our needs and comfort, for the helpful attitude and focus on service, for the commitment to ensuring that the end product meets the highest standards, for the gifts and supports along the way, and finally – for making our first major renovation a very positive experience! We shall miss having you all around the house, and will certainly be in touch if we plan any future projects.”

Scott M and Gloria T

“We are very glad that we chose InSite from among the many firms that we interviewed for our home renovation project. Our interactions with Stephen Gordon and his crew were pleasant from the start (and remained so throughout), and the project was completed on-time (!) and in a very professional manner. We especially
appreciate the great service and responsiveness of InSite’s Production Coordinator, Bryan Atkins, who always found a way to say ‘yes’ when we asked for something. Our new kitchen, powder room and mud room are beautiful.”

Scott P

“As we all search for quality vendors that work hard to provide exceptional service with on time and on budget construction for big and small projects we have found no one better than InSite Builders. Their approach to renovations, new construction or home repairs has always been very consistent, well managed and cost
competitive. Stephen Gordon’s construction expertise, reputation, deep work ethic and pleasant business demeanor, that he brings to every job, makes working with he and his team a real pleasurable experience. Along with their in-house services and tradesman InSite Builders works with subcontractors that also bring this same
spirit to the job- they are well qualified and work seamlessly with Stephen’s team; we have always been very happy with the end product. InSite Builders are truly insightful.”

J.R. and Anne B R

“I immediately liked Stephen’s demeanor and confidence. He seemed to understand right off what we were after.There was plenty of collaboration during the design process, and Stephen really listened to us and specifically what WE wanted. 

I also appreciated seeing the same face (Production Manager Bryan) everyday; he was always on the ball and always had a great attitude. The subcontractors were very tidy-laying down protective cloths and cleaning up at the end of every day. 

Weekly meetings were a great way to ensure nothing fell through the cracks. They also gave us peace of mind knowing what was coming and where we stood on the timeline. We were thrilled with the end product. It was totally worth the inconvenience of being out of our bedroom for a few months. The space exceeded our expectations. We just love it! 

Our bedroom is now a refuge instead of jumble of clothes and stacks of stuff. Everything has its place which is wonderful.”

Ashton G

“I hired InSite Builders recently to handle a renovation in my condo apartment. I was quite impressed with Stephen Gordon who came to my apartment and explained options, made suggestions and gave timelines for the work. There were selections to be made—marble, hardware and lighting—and Stephen referred me to vendors with whom he had affiliations. They were all very professional and knowledgeable. 

The job was completed on time, with very little disturbance to me. Brian, the foreman, was constantly on the job making sure everything was on schedule. 

I have great confidence in Stephen and InSite Builders and would be happy to refer them to anyone in need of a home renovation. They are competent and dependable. It was a very pleasant experience.”

Karen K

“What I love most about my new portico is that it looks like it’s always been there, not like it was added on. It was great when a neighbor stopped to say how fabulous it looked. I like that (President) Stephen Gordon kept me up to date on the progress of my project through weekly meetings and (Supervisor) Bryan kept me in the loop on the day-to-day schedule. I have and will continue to recommend InSite Builders to my friends and family.”

Gigi C

“I chose InSite Builders because I knew I could trust them to do what they said they would do. My renovation made my house more efficient and easier to maintain; the experience with InSite Builders met all of my expectations, and of course, I would recommend them to my friends and family.”

Marcia and John R

“Both Stephen and Bryan were extremely responsive and attentive to us during our renovation; they were on top of the project every minute. There was a big trust factor involved…in fact, we felt comfortable enough to leave the country for 2 ½ weeks during demolition and construction. We got updates and photos daily from Stephen. We appreciated the great care they took with our home. The bathrooms are stunning! We are thrilled every day.”

David and Melanie H

“Phil, Fred and Bryan were like genies in a bottle. They made our wishes come true.”
I would never, ever, even consider doing a home remodel with anyone else.
Over the course of twelve years, two different homes, and three projects, InSite Builders never ran over budget. Stephen, Bryan and every subcontractor were approachable and easy to work with; I felt like they had my best interests at heart, and I never felt intimidated to ask questions.”

Steve and Joan D

“Our introduction to Stephen Gordon and InSite came through the recommendation of a mutual friend. Torn between selling the DC home we have owned for forty years–then moving to a smaller, more maintenance-free residence–OR updating and renovating our existing home, we chose the latter, but did so while continuing to live in the house where we once raised two children.  

Because of certain structural deficiencies and deterioration, largely due to water and mold damage, the job turned out to be much more extensive and costly than originally conceived. Although taking almost 9 months, our experience with Stephen Gordon and InSight can be best summarized in two words: “friendly” and “connected.” 

We have been most impressed with how friendly and accommodating InSite management and employees have been throughout what is always a creative, yet stressful process–navigating between the demands of family life without the space, tools, and appliances we have come to regard as essential AND the daily demands of progressing toward an uncertain completion date. Our process of reaching the finish line required envisioning, planning, estimating, demolition, remediation, renovation, and restoration—along with the thousands of smaller decisions and preferences that go with those steps. And through it all, the folks at InSite have walked side-by-side with us, leading, guiding, cajoling, and supervising the process. 

When undertaking such a venture, one is literally sharing one’s home with a team of outsiders; to that end “friendly” becomes the yeast that leavens the whole process. And that sense of respect and accommodation needs to extend to the multiple subcontractors who daily visit one’s home, often at the crack of dawn. Our friends at InSite never waivered in maintaining that attitude or in employing subcontractors with similar demeanor and outlook. 

Another distinguishing characteristic of our time with InSite was their “connectedness” with some of the best craftsmen and service providers in the area. Knowing which subcontractors to choose for which job, can only come from years of trial and error, and on-the-job experience with people devoted not only to their craft, but also to the principles of economy, punctuality, and perfection. These were not people recently discovered in the Yellow Pages, or low-bidders desperately seeking work in a slow economy. Almost to a person, the subcontractors selected by InSite were craftsmen of the first order…“old school.” 

In short, our time with Stephen Gordon and InSite was productive and satisfying—largely because of those two leading qualities. We are glad that they walked with us through this journey and feel that our home is more secure, better equipped, and sound as the result of their work.”

Jennifer and Mike L

“From the architect to the kitchen designer to the field superintendent – and all of the people in between — Stephen has put together a terrific team. Each person worked well with us, and all of the team members worked well together. We had one point of contact who was accountable to us throughout the process, which made it manageable and even enjoyable for us. We have added to our house twice, as our family has grown. We worked with InSite each time. If we ever find ourselves remodeling again, we’ll work with them again.”

Nancy and Martin W

“Over the years, InSite Builders had done three different renovations for us, and each one was completed on time. Stephen was always respectful of our budget and our ideas, and he takes each job personally with an exacting attention to detail.”

Ann and Ted S

“We had a very positive experience with InSite Builders when we did a renovation of our 45-year old kitchen in the winter of 2010. Stephen Gordon is professional and straight forward in his dealings with clients and takes care to deliver a quality product. He is also just a great guy! 

Our kitchen was totally gutted, and the new kitchen was created within the existing footprint. A new set of French doors allowed us access to the patio which we had not enjoyed before, and new upgraded appliances enhanced the pleasure of cooking and dining in the kitchen. The openings to the dining room and hallway were enlarged and a pocket door installed. 

The workmen that Stephen used from the kitchen designer to the drywall installers and the painters were top notch, and Stephen oversaw the whole project successfully. Bryan Atkins, the InSite employee who showed up every morning to manage that day’s activities, was a total pleasure to work with. InSite stands behind its work, and we highly recommend this company to others considering substantial home renovations.”

JoAnn S

“InSite Builders has done two major projects for us (updating two bathrooms and renovating our basement), as well as several smaller jobs. In every case, they have met our goals with honest advice, expert craftsmanship, careful supervision, and on-time completion. The owner and his staff are friendly, courteous, honest, reliable and expert builders–professional in every way. They supervise their subcontractors (all high quality workmen) closely, and the subs deliver the same high level of service. We always knew that we could trust Stephen’s advice throughout the process, especially when unforeseen issues arose. 

Our renovated basement is like new-found space. Because it’s bright, warm and dry, we can use it for exercising, watching TV, and housing overnight guests. We were pleased with the results which were delivered in a timely and professional manner. I wish InSite Builders could come and re-build the whole place! ”

Tim and Judy J

“We have worked with Stephen and InSite over a period of many years on a variety of projects. What we like best about working with him is that he listens to his clients. Rather than trying to persuade us to construct an addition (as other contractors had), Steve understood that our goal was to work with and improve what we already had. We also found Steve and his staff to be willing to address issues that arise in any home construction project, particularly when the house is not vacant. Our impression of Stephen and his team has always been favorable. The best part about the renovation process is, of course, the final result. It’s difficult to live through a renovation but well worth the inconvenience when the final product is so beautiful and greatly improves the quality of your life. We’re a family that truly enjoys entertaining or just hanging out at home, and the renovation has made our time at home even more enjoyable. With the help of InSite, we were able to take our existing home footprint and make it more inviting and comfortable. While the work was completed several years ago, we still receive many compliments from family and friends about the renovation.”

Tom and Ann W

“Our goal was to complete a total kitchen renovation and outdoor patio upgrade simultaneously with one experienced contractor working with highly skilled carpenters, masons, space designers and plumbers. Steve and his company had both the knowledge and track record to meet our goals in a timely and cost effective manner. 

It is as if the changes were always there – fitting right in—but not a day goes by that we don’t look on the results with real gratitude. The renovation altered the nature of the house in such a way that we can entertain more gracefully – particularly in the warmer months – and live in and around the kitchen more comfortably than before. We are thrilled with the result in every respect.”

Hunter and Dick S

“Stephen was very professional, knowledgeable, and experienced. He understood what we were trying accomplish and brought together the right team to help us achieve our goals. Each person he brought into the team showed the same professionalism. When a problem arose, Stephen and Bryan took care of it immediately. We were grateful that the team were all pleasant, courteous, and respectable. We also appreciated how clean they kept the work site. 

The renovation, while it was small, made a tremendous impact on the way we live within our house. The kitchen is much more user friendly and very attractive. The flow of our house has been transformed allowing us to entertain more easily, and the patio was the equivalent of adding a room to our house. The kitchen and eating area fits the rest of the house much better now and looks as though they have always been there.”

Nancy and Tommy T

“Our goals were to create rooms that would look over our gardens winter and summer and to make extra space for our growing family and to create a master bathroom and walk-in closets. 

Truly Stephen was so-o-o-o-organized and followed through before, during and after construction. He was at our home every day checking on everyone including me since he gave me assignments to complete too. He led me through every facet of our renovations from picking out hardware for all doors and cabinets, tiles, windows, paint and on and on. I could not have completed any of my tasks if it was not for Stephen. 

The renovations took one year and one-half and it was a complete joy because of Stephen, his assistant, Bryan, the sub-contractors and carpenters he had working for him. At the end of the working day, our home was neat and picked up and as clean as it could be with workmen all day. 

Our overall feeling at the end of the project was: I did not want all of them to leave…a little relief maybe, but absolutely thrilled with our renovations. I would not change a thing. We love—I mean—LOVE our home and are very proud to share it with family and friends. It is very beautiful. The renovations went beyond our expectations. 

Needless to say, Stephen and InSite Builders are my very best friends, and we feel very grateful and blessed for the beautiful journey he took us on.”

Lori and David S

“Our goal was to create a large gourmet kitchen that would fit our 4 growing boys and include a family room and deck in the same space where I could supervise the kids and still make dinner. It turned into the perfect command central spot where I could watch the kids at the table doing homework, on the sofa reading and outside on the play equipment.  

The deck off the kitchen is easy to serve meals on. The mudroom that ties the kitchen to the garage is a lifesaver for muddy and snowy days and greatly facilitates bringing the groceries through the garage into the new kitchen. Stephen was conscientious, timely, honest, and lived in the neighborhood. 

We really appreciated Stephen’s ability to guide us through each step of the process and to solve problems like finding a new location for the Condenser when no one else could. His superior service continued long after the last check was cashed when little issues arose. 

We use the space all the time; we’ve had two Bar Mitzvah parties in it that we couldn’t have had otherwise and have held the family Thanksgiving dinners for 23 + people annually. 

It allows the kids to have space so they don’t nudge each other constantly, and it turned our house into a home. Although it is hard to leave a vacation spot, I am always happy to get home. I appreciate my home so much after staying somewhere else where we don’t fit as well.”

Lee and Toni V

“InSite Builders is exactly the kind of experience you would like with a home remodeling project. From start to finish, Stephen Gordon and his team is knowledgeable, experienced, highly professional in every aspect. 

Invariably, adjustments need to be made in a project, Stephen and his team step up to offer advice that is appropriate within a design and budget context. 

The Verstandig’s most enthusiastically endorse and highly recommend Stephen Gordon and team. We have enjoyed our home immensely and have InSite to thank.”

Eleanor and Mark B

“Stephen Gordon and his team did beautiful, professional work at my house. The InSite team felt like part of the family. Working with InSite Builders is easy. They are prompt, efficient, trust worthy, and always stand behind their work. My first call is always to InSite Builders and Stephen Gordon.”

Betsy H

“InSite Builders has executed two major projects for me — both quite beautiful and functional — as well as countless small ones. We worked together on both a kitchen renovation and an extensive addition that included a family room, closets and bath room. Steve is a delight to work with, attentive to every detail and mindful of moving toward the promised completion date. He kept me on track with all the decisions I needed to make, the pieces of the puzzle that were mine, even when I was approaching decision-fatigue. The subcontractors were all highly professional and did fine work. Bryan, a clone of Steve, is always cheerful and eager to do anything that will help on even the smallest job. 

I love everything we did which made the house work perfectly for family and friends. 
I am delighted to recommend Steve Gordon and InSite Builders for your home renovation projects.”

Amy S

"InSite Builders: A comprehensive company for all your remodeling needs. I am extremely pleased with the quality of work performed by the InSite team at my home. Two years ago I had both fireplaces upgraded to enclosed gas fireplaces. This meant, rigging up a new gas line into my home, inserting two new frames in the existing openings and replacing the marble footings in front of the fireplaces. All the work was done beautifully. The technicians were skillful, careful and respectful.

I recently needed both upstairs bathrooms remodeled, after the showers leaked. This work was very extensive and required stone masons, carpenters and electricians. All the work was done to spec and executed in a timely manner. The workers were true craftsman and executed their specific portions of the project with precision and finesse. April, my project manager, was on top of all aspects of this complicated job. I highly recommend this company for any remodeling work within your home."

Janet H

"Sorry it took me so long to get to this. I hadn't forgotten because frankly every day I look around my new kitchen and all the work Steve did around our house, and I am grateful and still, months later, delighted. InSite Builders and Steve Gordon's commitment to quality and excellence is written all over the work they do. Our project with him started as a kitchen renovation and, with just a very few structural changes, ended up changing the whole feeling and flow of our entire first floor. Great work all around."

J. Alan P

"Working with InSite Builders is without comparison. As a professional trade contractor and a homeowner, I appreciate the value of an organized craftsman. InSite Builders has shown how organization and innovation in the building process can translate into value for the homeowner. This combination is not commonly found in the construction industry, and InSite uses it to deliver a high quality product and less stress in which it is delivered. I feel their approach and talent of their team makes them one of the top contractors in the Washington DC Metro Area."

Andy C

"I have known Stephen Gordon for over 30 years and worked on numerous projects with the InSite Builders staff. InSite Builders exemplifies all the characteristics of a successful General Contractor. Honesty, Integrity and Knowledge are not just words to InSite Builders. They represent the core of all InSite Builders business dealings. InSite Builders always strives to meet and exceed the customer expectations on all projects, small or large. I would recommend Stephen Gordon and the staff of InSite Builders for any home remodeling project."

Happy H

“Stephen Gordon, President of InSite Builders, was recommended to me by various friends, and I had seen an apartment that he had redone in my building. It was quite spectacular, and I would have bought it on the spot if it had been a little bigger. 

When I bought my apartment it needed a total renovation, and I hired Stephen. He outlined his thoughts which just fit with what I wanted, and he gently questioned several ideas of mine that would not have worked very well. He brought his entire crew to meet with me at the apartment and go over what would happen. The work was supervised by Bryan Atkins who made it all seem easy for me and very professional. I had a time constraint, and Stephen saw that it was all done in a very timely manner. They kept me up to date on daily progress and met with me at least once a week. 

The workmanship was beautiful…a totally new and gorgeous kitchen, a new master bath with a wonderful walk in shower, new floors, new bookshelves, new paint and many other details that made the place sparkle and look just perfect for me. I recommend InSite Builders, without qualification, to any and all.”

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