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Meet the InSite Team

Stephen Gordon


As the third generation of a family of home builders in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area, Stephen began his career working for his family business, Gordon Builders. It was there that he began a small remodeling division because he could see that, although there was a limited amount of land for residential development, there were an unlimited number of houses in the area. Realizing that he had found his passion in remodeling, he went to work for a well-established home renovation company to learn his craft and gain experience. Then in April of 1996, with two small children, a desk under the stairs of his small basement, an elementary business plan and almost no savings, he took the leap and opened InSite Builders!

Now, over two decades later, Stephen is proud of InSite and our reputation in the community. “Working in residential construction has been very satisfying for me, and, looking back, I can’t imagine any other industry that I would have found as rewarding. My favorite part of working at InSite is the people that I have had the privilege of working with through the years. In almost every case, our clients have become close personal friends, and, if they were already friends or family, we've become even closer through the renovation.”

InSite's Client for Life model is based on the trust and camaraderie that is established throughout a project as well as on the quality of our renovations.

Mary Gordon

Vice President

Mary worked as an Assistant Press Secretary for First Lady Nancy Reagan from 1984-January 1989. After this, she was at home raising a family and helping on a part-time basis with administrative tasks at InSite. After InSite's long-time Administrative Assistant retired, Mary took on that position full-time, and her duties, along with the company, have expanded through the years. “I feel extraordinarily lucky to be a part of InSite Builders. I am energized by the many challenges of running a small business. My favorite part is when I take a moment (and I do this fairly often) to reflect upon all that I have learned professionally and personally through my association with InSite Builders. My other favorite part of working at InSite is the people, both internally (staff and sub/suppliers) and externally (our clients) many of whom have enriched our lives in ways that we could never have imagined.”

Chris Katkish

General Manager

Dennis Beane

Project Manager

Jose Gutierrez

Project Coordinator

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