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Project/Sales Associate

Purpose: The purpose of the Project/Sales Associate is to assist both the Project Manager and President in any and all daily operations to ensure that projects run smoothly and clients’ concerns are addressed in a timely manner. The Project/Sales Associate should address technical issues to allow administrative tasks to run smoothly. This position is intended to train individuals to be a Project Manager. Each Project/Sales Associate should take all steps possible to learn the role of a Project Manager.

Responsibilities of Project/Sales Associate

1. Project Management and Safety

  • Be responsible for valuable InSite assets and store at office when possible
  • Run daily 3:00 PM production call to ensure schedule management
  • Check emails for any additional work that needs to be done and respond to all communication within three hours
  • Participate in weekly office and production meetings
  • Manage opening of jobsites as requested by the Project Manager(s)
    • Unlock doors to give subcontractors access
    • Turn off alarm
    • Talk to all subs and get names, who they work for, and work numbers if we do not already have it and create new contact in iCloud
    • Ensure subs have access to a bathroom
    • Place drop cloths
    • Ask subs if they have any questions or need anything; plans, tools, measurements etc.
    • Ensure that subs have supplies and lumber they need, such as base molding, shoe molding, plywood etc.
    • Talk to homeowner and address any questions or concerns they have
    • Turn off HVAC unit if any sanding is to be done or if the setting of any work will create large amounts of dust
    • Cover smoke detectors with plastic if any painting or staining is to be done or if there is work that creates fumes
    • If supplies are to be delivered, contact supplier and confirm time of delivery, delivery address, and order information
    • Manage job start checklist
    • Ensure work site is InSite clean
    • Use dustless machine anytime possible
  • Manage closing of jobsites
    • Ensure subcontractors wait for you to arrive before they leave or have talked with you or the Project Manager about the day’s work
    • Inspect subcontractor’s work, i.e. make sure all scheduled work was completed for the day, and that area has been cleaned by subcontractors
    • Take pictures of the day's work and send to Evernote email for processing
    • Email photos directly to President when he is out-of-town
    • When uploading pictures be sure to title pictures with job site, subcontractor’s company, and a description of the work
    • Pick up all drop cloths and shake them out outside away from the entrance to the house
    • Roll up runners nicely and store them back in work area
    • Make sure all pets are secure, turn on alarm and lock all doors and windows before leaving
    • Turn HVAC unit back on if it was turned off earlier
    • Document any reimbursable miles in Buildertrend
    • Clean jobsite according to InSite standards. Hold subcontractors accountable for cleaning up after themselves everyday.
  • Small Jobs
    • Client Management
      • Set up and maintain weekly meetings with clients. Take notes at the meeting and store in Buildertrend
      • Photograph all work completed each day and email to Evernote Upload.
      • Report progress and/or any delays to clients in a timely manner
      • Address individual needs of the client, their family and pets to minimize any inconveniences
      • Review all contracts over $10,000 with clients in person
    • Subcontractor Management
      • Serve as the center of communication between our office, owners, suppliers and subs
      • Contact all subcontractors prior to start date to eliminate any missed scheduled appointments
      • Produce and distribute meeting notes
      • Ensure all subs that have confirmed a scheduled event has been marked confirmed in Buildertrend

2. Sales

  • Participate in the following meetings as requested by the Salesman
    • Initial meeting
    • Letter of Agreement
    • Schematic plan review
    • Subcontractor preview
    • Schematic budget review
    • Contract review
    • Preconstruction
    • Weekly lead review

3. Other

  • Technology - Assist in the management of all computer and technology related hardware
  • Marketing - Create two Facebook posts each month with a video of a current job included
  • Other duties as needed

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